Poll: Tactile button or Capacitive touch?


Just to get some feedback, would you prefer using a tactile button or a touch sensing button? With a tactile button, you press down and feel a click. With a touch sensing, you lightly tap it with finger.

  • Tactile button
  • Touch sensing button

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Touch sensitive so I don’t have to exert too much force on my USB connector.


Tactile for consistency and durability, it’s easy enough to grip the device so as to not stress the connector.


Which one is going to last longer? Generally of course.


touch sensing, because the tactile will eventually break


Whichever lasts longer please


If the button was capacitive, I would be afraid to click on it even if I do not want to. Would it be a security risk?


I’d prefer a tactile button, as then I would get some feedback as to whether I’ve actually pressed it or not.


Touch sensitive for two reasons:

  • tactile most likely will break after some point thus making your key useless;
  • avoid extra force on USB connector. E.g. in some laptops USB-A/C is soldered directly to PCB and sometimes you end up cracking solder/rails/etc if you wiggle USB-A/C connector too much for too many times.


I think that a lot… Still I pick touch sensitive, because if physical button breaks up somehow, whole key is useless then. I think that touch sensitive will last longer.


I use a touch sensitive Yubikey at work. I’ve been really pleased with the button and not accidentally hitting it when I touch it.


I’ve been using touch sensitive keys for years and have had no problems with them so far. You see “feedback” on the screen if you touched it correctly, otherwise “touch button” prompt stays up. As others have already said, tactile has problems of breaking or dirt build up. I see no reason for tactile.


i would trust your key would be sturdy one designed not to stress the UsB port :wheelchair::australia:


I voted tactile so I could tap with one finger instead of needing to grab it from beneath to hold while I click.

However, since it’s going to be open source/open hardware, if the button was a generic form factor that could be replaced that would be nice too. It’d require soldering, sure, but if you’re the sort to back this project you probably can find a local makerspace to help you with that at the very least, right?


not exactly, because you would have to accidentially hit the button while a U2F action is running, otherwise nothing happens.

regarding touch bs push button, I like both for their own reasons which basically have been explained here.