Special Kickstarter color survey - VOTE HERE!


Fifteen days into our Kickstarter, we reached our third stretch goal: A custom case colour, chosen by our backers, and available only during Kickstarter.

What follows are our original suggestions, together with ideas collected from YOU!
Renders may differ from final product!

Please place your votes - the most voted for color will be produced.
Voting continues until Saturday, 20th of October - the winning colour will be announced this Sunday, 21st!

NOTE: Voting on our Discourse requires signing up (via email, Twitter, Google or Github login, covered by our https://solokeys.com/legal/privacy-policy). If you feel uncomfortable with this, please send an email from your Kickstarter-registered email address to [email protected] with your desired colour as title of your email. We are requiring some kind of identification to prevent multiple votes from the same person.


Security should be transparent!



I pick Dark Tie-Dye. So cool! :slight_smile:


Hello, if I add 2$ to my order, I get 6 cases (mint, red, blue, white, black and kickstarter special), but can I choose which special kickstarter color I want? I would like to get the grey case (like in the campaign picture) way more than any of these.


dang, love that glow-in-the-dark one!


Tie dye means that each one is unique! I don’t want some ninja replacing my key with a malduino…

Also, the voting should be STV rather than multichoice, otherwise we’ll get the most common N’th choice, rather than the most popular choice!!


I love the tie dye! If that isn’t an option, I’ll go with glow in the dark. Bright colours mean that I won’t forget it :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t look like they’re going to win though :-\

Are you sure that only 1 can win?

Great point, @bennetts2! I totally agree.


Yes, that’s a good question raised for @staff to comment on maybe – would the tie-dye pattern(s) actually be more or less unique for each device?


Ranked multichoice makes way more sense, but I can’t complain since I want transparent and it’s winning. :smiley: That said, if I had to pick a second, it’d be dark tie-dye.


I honestly would like to see a few more glow in the dark colors.


while I am certainly in no position to actually vote or anything I just generally have to say that all of those look fairly intresting.


Really like the GID one!


I think it would really help in improving the votes by having a realist render or the actual normal/in-the-dark photo of the Glow in the Dark case.


Same here.


Yes, they would be unique per tie dye case.


…and the winner is: TRANSPARENT!